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Gnome conflicts with etherconf (and d-i) configuring ethernet cards [?]

So, this is my story:

I installed a new Debian testing about a week ago. I have two network
cards. I installed gdm and al the GNOME stuff. I configured the
ethernet cards with etherconf and I had some problems (see 355425),
but finally it seems that I configured the two ethernet cards (but the
net didn't work yet...).

With ifconfig I noticed that the eth0 and eth1 were not configured.
After that I configured ethernet cards with GNOME configuration tool
and anything worked ok.

So is there some kind of conflict between stherconf and gnome network
configuraztion tool? Shouldn't all the way to configure network be

PAolo Pantaleo

P.S. If asked for I will try to provide more informations

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