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Re: For those who care about stable updates

Le Jeudi 9 Mars 2006 11:32, Martin Schulze a écrit :
> I'm sorry to announce this but you'll have to find a new person who works
> on updating Debian stable and who is willing to cope with black holes and
> ftpmasters.
> I'm sick of being left in the void.  I'm sick of ftpmasters not answering
> mails from the stable release manager to negotiate a timeline.  I'm sick of
> ftpmasters suddenly creating arbitrary preconditions for stable updates.
> I'm sick of having to ask again and again and being constantly blocked by
> them.

Sad news. But thanks a lot for all the good work done. No thanks to everybody 
that uses his power to discourage good will -- I know the deal, it is not 
very unusual in free software world. It is always very frustrating to be 
denied access to some boxes while we need it to keep things going.


Mathieu Roy

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