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Re: Fonts packages maintenance team (second) proposal

On Wednesday 08 March 2006 17:33, Christian Perrier wrote:
>  Improve communication
>  ---------------------
> This team will, by the use of a mailing list, allow good
> communication among font package maintainers. This can help all of us
> to benefit from the experience of font experts, who are not that
> common.

very good idea, I second that... :) (especially as i have sometimes some 
trouble with fontconfig and defoma) and when it comes to OTF CID fonts 
I need some input to... ;)

>  Share resources
>  ---------------
> A common SVN repository, hosted on Alioth, will allow font package
> maintainers to host their package development, if they wish to do so.

good... I failed to set up a similar thing by myself, so hopefull this 
works... ;)

>  Bring improved maintenance of font-related tools
>  ------------------------------------------------
> The project could also include the maintenance of font-related tools,
> such as fontforge or defoma (only with agreement of their respective
> maintainers who are highly welcomed in the team).

I would highly appreciate this...

> The common resources for the team will be:
> - a dedicated project on Alioth, with a common SVN repository, named
>   "pkg-fonts"
> - a mailing list hosted on lists.debian.org

where? I didn't see any... or is it in alioth?

> This mail is CC'ed to all ttf-* font packages maintainers. Getting
> their reaction to this proposal is important, especially for those
> who didn't see the first initial mail.

yeah, thanks for that. :)

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