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Unidentified subject!

marc writes:
"Joseph Smidt" <jsmidt@byu.edu> writes:
Once every three months the new "Pre-Stable" distro will upload only
those packages from testing that have had 0 RC bugs for at least month
and have been flagged by their maintainers as a good version to entet

In other words: If you'd fix the technical problems, releasing stable
would become so easy that "proper" stable releases every 6 months would
be possible without too many problems.


And Debian should release every six months. Actually they need to do minor releases every six months which are mostly package updates and minor changes to the stable OS and have a major release every couple years where they can work on multiyear projects like the Debian installer, or giving dpkg an overhaul. Unfortunatly Ubuntu is the only place to turn for a stable distro that actually gets package updates. Nobel Debian should never follow anothers example. That would be putting the user first, not the developer. That would also make them probably the most popular distro too. It is by far the best OS on the planet, but is never updated enough for users to want it more than Ubuntu. If nothing else "Joseph Smidt" at least you seem to be someone who cares enough about Debian to spend your time contemplating about it. But this is a meritacrosy, and you are not a developer. I refer you to your January post, no develpor, no merit.

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