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Re: New packages.debian.org

On Mon, 06 Mar 2006, Martin Schulze wrote:
> Wolfgang Jeltsch wrote:
> > Am Montag, 6. März 2006 18:29 schrieb Martin Schulze:
> > > The Debian project happily announces the re-availability of the
> > > packages.debian.org service on a new machine.  The system has been
> > > donated by Schlund + Parner where it is hosted as well.  It is a
> > > DualCore Opteron and only runs this service for Debian users and
> > > developers.
> > 
> > What does it mean that the machine runs this service only for Debian users and 
> > developers?  How can the machine make sure that the person which accesses the 
> > machine is either a user or a developer of Debian?
> It checks the User-Agent string.

And now, the important question: why are we doing this?

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