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Re: Avoiding installation trouble (suggested fix)

On Monday 06 March 2006 10:43, Daniel Haude wrote:
> In the end I found out what was wrong: I had used an old install CD
> back from sarge==testing days. My /etc/apt/sources list therefore
> pointed at "testing" resources which, without a proper "dist-upgrade"
> (which at no point I had wanted because I wanted a sarge system),
> couldn't have worked.
> After downloading burning a contemporary install CD everything of
> course went as smoothly as one has come to expect from a Debian system
> To come to the end: I think a "sarge" install CD should always stay a
> "sarge" install CD no matter how old.

This is already the case for current versions of the installer, though you 
are right that it was an issue with Sarge.

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