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Re: buildd and experimental

"MJ Ray" <mjr@phonecoop.coop> wrote in message [🔎] E1FERiI-0006m3-00@pipe.localnet.towers.org.uk">news:[🔎] E1FERiI-0006m3-00@pipe.localnet.towers.org.uk...

MFT is broken by design. No-one should expect to remote control other
people's mail clients. All one can do is ask and if you want to ask in
the headers, fine, but don't go flaming when it gets lost in the noise.
All of From, Reply-To and List-Post seem more useful to me than MFT's
wrongheaded confusion of Reply-To and Followup-To.

Actually mailing lists are broken by design. Email was designed wth private communication in mind.
Mailing lists were added to that design but have always had problems.
Newsgroups are what most mailing lists should be.
They have historically been threaded and most UA's do this right,
While some mail UA's do things like omit message-id or reply-to or references. Also newsgroups make it much easier for a new subscriber to reply to messages sent
from before they subscribed. (I use GMANE for these reasons).

Now if mailing lists are to be used, then nobody should be complaining about cc's. If the mailing list checks for people who are cc'ed then there will be no duplicate messages. Otherwise the mailer should be able to deterimine that the two messages are in fact the same message
with one copy coming from the list, and therefore display it only once.

So whenever somebody complains about CC's it seems to me that the problem is a broken or
incorrectly configure mail client on the side a the *reciever*.

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