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Re: Pre-Stable Distro

"Joseph Smidt" <jsmidt@byu.edu> writes:
> Once every three months the new "Pre-Stable" distro will upload only
> those packages from testing that have had 0 RC bugs for at least month
> and have been flagged by their maintainers as a good version to entet
> stable. 

This would mean, with a year of security support for each release at
least, that the security team would need to support 5, sometimes 6
releases at any time (4 pre-stable + stable (+ old-stable)). Nope, not
good. So, without security support then...

Leaves the migration from testing to pre-stable. Please remember library
dependencies. Chances are good that you get stable with some updated
perl library-packages, as normally *all* libs that are basis for some of
the greater dependency trees (xlibs, gnutls, kdelibs, glib, gtk, ...)
have one RC bug in 4 months. This means that none of the packages
depending on those basic libs can migrate to pre-stable. 

In other words: If you'd fix the technical problems, releasing stable
would become so easy that "proper" stable releases every 6 months would
be possible without too many problems.

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