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Re: How to identify distro, lsb-release is broken

On 2/23/06, Stephen Birch <sgbirch@imsmail.org> wrote:
> I need to find a way of identifying the name of an installed
> distrobution. This mechanism should be able to differentiate
> woody
> sarge
> etch
> sid
> hoary
> breezy
> dapper
> Prior to etch I was using lsb-release but it seems /etc/lsb-release is
> no longer installed by 'apt-get install lsb-release'. The README.Debian
> file provides the following background information:
> > Distribution-specific information should be *separately provided* in
> > /etc/lsb-release; it is no longer provided in this package.  It is my
> > hope that in Debian, this will be managed by the base-files
> > maintainer (who already maintains the debian_version file).
> I don't pretend to understand the reason for this change but I do know
> that my identification mechanism is now broken on etch.
> Can anyone suggest a more reliable mechanism?

Running 'lsb_release -cs' doesn't work for you?


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