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Re: Packaging Xen 3.0 etc for Debian

On Sun, Feb 26, 2006 at 01:44:46PM +1300, Matthew Grant wrote:
> My proposal:

> It is obvious that the best way to include Xen into Debian at the moment
> is to package the tools, hypervisor, and kernel as companion packages in
> version lockstep from the same Xen community release, with separate
> streams for stable and unstable.  They should be part of volatile (for
> stable), and etch. 

> Basing the kernel Xen kernel source on the Debian standard kernel tree
> will probably make too much work for the kernel team currently.  With
> the security fix patches available above, the Xen kernels can be kept up
> to date with security, though they would not support the same amount of
> hardware the standard Debian kernels do as they would be based on the
> Xen patched kernel.org sources.  The Debian Xen team should be part of
> the kernel team though to be officially able to receive/work with kernel
> CVE that have not been publicly released yet.  Question: what about
> embedded firmware in the kernel.org source?  I guess most issues with
> unsupported hardware would be resolved that this is experimental, and is
> primarily targeted at servers at the moment. 

> Once the Xen kernel support becomes part of the official kernel.org
> linux release, then Xen can be easily made part of unstable with the
> tools, hypervisor and Xen built into the standard kernel tree. 

> Guido, Ralph, Bastian and Steve, what do you think about the above?
> With Ralph's work and the other work mentioned here, it sounds like the
> software is almost there, apart from the organisational details.

I think that the stable version of Xen, being based on 2.6.12 when we're
already at 2.6.15, has no business being in unstable/etch at all; and I
think the unstable version of Xen doesn't belong in Debian unstable until
it's syncing with the Debian kernel tree, though staging something in
experimental seems reasonable.  But one kernel version is plenty for the
security team to keep up with in a stable release.

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