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Bug#354654: general: fat32 gets corrupted

Hello Cesare,

In machine1 hdparm is not currently installed, but it was 1 year ago when the 
machine1 had woody installed. I suppose hdparm does not change anything to 
the disk itself but only to the ide modules of the kernel?

In machine2, hdparm is installed, but I do not remember to have changed 
anything to the configuration of it (the log file I was maintaining for 
machine2 was lost during the disk crash). Do I have to check something or 
simply uninstall it?

Thanks for your reply,

Le Tuesday 28 February 2006 01:56, Cesare Leonardi a écrit :
> Juan Piñeros wrote:
> > I do not find any logical explanation. No strange message in syslog, we
> > used "normal" programs (konqueror, thunderbird, oowriter) when sudenly
> > when try to save a file or read mail, an error appears just saying that
> > the directories did not exist any more.
> In the past i had a similar problem: sometimes, with no appearing
> regularity, some files simply got corrupted (filesystem was ext3).
> I simply couldn't understand what could be, since the hard disk seemed
> to be ok.
> Until i have remembered to have played with hdparm and put an optimized
> hdparm command line in a boot script.
> After i commented out that line, i hadn't no more corruption.
> I don't know if this can be your case.
> Regards.
> Cesare.

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