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Re: ./configure in debian/rules

On Fri, 24 Feb 2006, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:
> If config.sub is not needed, I am almost sure that --host is not needed. Nor
> is --build, or --target.   They are not supposed to be able to work without
> config.sub to canonize them.

Very well, I have verified this now to be _wrong_.

Autoconf always support cross-compiling, therefore it always has use for
--host, --build and --target.

However, unless AC_CANONICAL_* is used, you'd better supply the full,
canonized arch string or things like the cross-compiler name and libs will
be very wrong indeed.

Fortunately, nowadays dpkg-architecture is not hideously broken anymore and
we get the proper canonical arch name from DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE and
DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE, so that's suitable to be directly fed to configure even
without AC_CANONICAL_*.

If a package does NOT call AC_CANONICAL_* (directly or indirectly. libtool
always call this, for example), I suppose not setting --host and --build
shouldn't be a problem.  But that's because we don't take cross-compiling
seriously in Debian for most packages.  If we start doing so, that will

Please just add the recommended --host and --build makefile snippet and feed
that to configure in *all* packages.  It is better in the long run, and for
many packages that is enough to have it cross-compile correctly.

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