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sysklogd -17.1 NMU build broken in mips/mipsel

On Wed, 22 Feb 2006, Chris Stromsoe wrote:
> for the entire lifetime of the current stable release.  Will -17.1 be 
> making its way into stable any time soon?

I seriously doubt so. Changing the stable sysklogd requires an upload to
stable (which did not happen), and that the stable release manager approves

Also, mips and mipsel have failed to build sysklogd -17.1, probably due to
toolchain borkage:

In file included from /usr/include/asm/atomic.h:26,
                 from module.h:31,
                 from ksym_mod.c:97:
/usr/include/asm/cpu-features.h:15:35: error: cpu-feature-overrides.h: No
such file or directory

Maybe that crap is fixed already in mips/mipsel, and a rebuild
request/binNMU request for sysklogd should be done to address that?

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