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Bug#142164: fw: Dont pass this over

Travel Agencies Launch E-Pang Palace Package, Bookings are being filled 
for 3rd Quarter '06

Recent news Release informed investors that agreements were made with 25 
Travel agencies, specializing in travel packages for China, would now be 
promoting the E-Pang Palace Theme Park with there existing packages.

This agreement is now in effect and bookings are being made for Sept '06 
travel season. Full details are expected in an official news release next 

Profile d:  Dark Dynamite Inc.
S ect0r:  Consumer Goods
Symbol:  D K D Y
DAYS HIGH:  $1.02
{lastprice} $1.02

Rev iew:


We have seen so much out of DKDY in recent weeks. Investors who jumped on 
board in previous weeks have go have enjoyed the rich returns and looking 
forward to the higher climbs in price this company takes with each new 
release of its project status.

We expect stead increase of both volume and price Thursday and Friday and 
large jumps next week once the full details hit the market. 

Pick up DKDY tomorrow, and get it while it is still at $1.02 and enjoy another 
price jump over the next few trading days.

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