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Re: PROPOSAL: debian/control file to include new License: field

On Tue, 2006-02-21 at 02:45 -0500, Kevin Mark wrote:
> would it provide any automation or easier processing for the NEW
> queue(ftpmasters)? 

I'd assume part of the FTP masters checking is actually verifying the
license specified in debian/copyright is the license actually used by
the source, and that there are no other licenses.  This wouldn't change

> would it allow for reducing package size by removing
> license text from all packages and having them installed in a seperate
> essential package stored in a canonical location
> (/usr/share/doc/dfsg-license-texts/) (dfsg-license-texts.deb) and have a
> file-license.txt to list which files are licensed under which license?

We already have this, debian/copyright generally only contains a
paragraph or so of common licenses, and then points to the complete
license in /usr/share/common-licenses/.

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