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Re: PROPOSAL: debian/control file to include new License: field

On 10572 March 1977, Jari Aalto wrote:

> To my understanding the only way to obtain the license information
> for a package is to actually download it (or install it) and the
> study the content of
>     /usr/share/doc/<package>/copyright


> Add new field to the debian/control (which would be generated by dh-make):
>     License:
> It would contain a canonicalized word to describe the license in 
> questions, like:
>     GPL, GPL2, GPL3, LGPL, BSD, Perl Artistic, MIT/X ..... Custom
> The number of generic license name can be debated and instead of
> the last resort "Custom" there could be word like:

Nearly impossible to have that field correct, and then you have people
depend on that little information. There are so many packages having
more than just one license for their files, that this field can only be
a misrepresentation (or you would need it multi-valued, multi-line).

> If given the option --copyright, then the field is initialised with
> that value, otherwise add
>     Licence: <Set here; see http://wiki.debian.org/DFSGLicenses>

People dont even get the debian/copyright right in most cases, that
would just be one more thing to have an error in.

bye Joerg
<GyrosGeier> I've annoyed Ganneff enough with that package already, no
reason to top it off by a build-depend on emacs for writing control

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