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Re: TrueType fonts packages maintenance team proposal

On Monday 20 February 2006 07:40, Christian Perrier wrote:
> So, I hereby propose to think about a possible TTF fonts packaging
> team.

A comment as a pure user insofar as fonts are concerned:  I don't care if 
what I see comes from a ttf, metafont, ps, bdf or PEX font.  I just want 
the font to be available everywhere.  So I'd suggest that at least ttf and 
ps fonts should be managed in some common way - so a font packaging (or 
policy?) team may want to look at more than just ttf fonts.

-- vbi

(Yes, I realize that bdf and PEX are dying or dead, and that there probably 
is currently support for TeX/Metafont fonts in X/Pango/whatever KDE 
uses ;-)

(Hmmm.  I think I forgot Linux console bitmap fonts...  Or are these bdf, 

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