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Re: Accepted ibm-3270 3.3.4p6-1 (source all i386)

On Mon, 20 Feb 2006, Joerg Jaspert wrote:

On 10571 March 1977, Richard A. Nelson wrote:

Not only did you hijack these packages, and without *ANY* communication,
you missed tcl3270, ICU builds (for the non-US folk)...

You know that this package set was removed since march, so you
cant say much against him bringing it back?

Yes I know... I'm the one that had it removed !  The issues for which
it was removed have gotten better, but have not yet been fully resolved.

If you had the courtesy to contact me, as did the last person - who at
least followed procedure and issued an ITP, you would know this.

You would also know that I use this package every day, have kept it
current, fixed some bugs...  Even distribute updates.

So yes, I can, and will say much against you bringing it back ! Look,
I depend upon on this package for my living - It wasn't lightly that
it was removed from Debian, some of the final issues were, in my
opinion nits - but they still needed to be resolved.

If you had managed to clear the remaining issues, courtesy would've
compelled you to contact me - I've not fallen off the face of the earth;
especially since you started with the last Debian version of the
package (even leaving my changelogs intact).
Rick Nelson
<_Anarchy_> Argh.. who's handing out the paper bags  8)

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