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Problems found by piuparts

In the past six months, I've filed about 260 bug reports based on what
piuparts has found. About 40% of those have been fixed so far. Below is
a summary of the common problems, hopefully the list will help everyone
to find and especially avoid problems in their own packages.

        * The most common problem is when postinst creates a
        configuration file, log file, or some other kind of file, but
        postrm fails to remove it.

        * Use of ucf in postrm during a purge, without checking that ucf
        is installed. Since ucf is not an essential package, postrm
        during purge cannot rely on it. As it happens, I think it might
        be good to have ucf (or a subset of it) as an essential package,
        since this error happens a lot.

        * Dropping conffiles in a newer version of a package, and not
        removing it when the package is purged. For example, if the
        version in sarge has a conffile, but the version in etch does
        not, whoever upgrades from sarge to etch and then purges the
        package is left with the file still on the filesystem. Arguably
        dpkg should deal with this, but it doesn't, so maintainer
        scripts need to deal with it.

        * Not using debconf for prompting. There's still a few packages
        that haven't switched from "echo + read" to debconf.

        * Broken use of update-alternatives, which leads to alternatives
        not being removed properly with the package. For example, the
        name of the alternative is sometimes spelled differently in
        postinst and postrm.

        * Use of ">/dev/null 2>&1" in package maintainer scripts. This
        hides errors from the system administrator (or your friendly
        piuparts runner), and can make it quite annoying to debug what
        is really going on. While there probably are a few cases where
        hiding an error is OK, every time I've seen it so far, it has
        been in error. Typically it seems to be used to avoid cluttering
        the output with status messages or other such things during
        package installation. For example, adduser can be quite chatty.
        Using a --quiet option or at least only redirecting stdout, not
        stderr, to /dev/null are better choices.

        * Creating /usr/local/lib/foo in postinst, but not removing it
        in postrm.

        * Assumption that /usr/doc still exists. Or, in fact,
        creating /usr/doc.

        * Creating a temporary file, but then not removing it

        * Not using invoke-rc.d to start services.

These are the more or less common problems. There are more, of course,
but they tend to unique.

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