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Re: Bug#353381: ITP: freebsd-manpages -- Manual pages for a GNU/kFreeBSD system

Sorry to change the topic, but looking at some of the manpages in the "manpages" package, and some of the pages in the "manpages-dev" causes me no notice some pages that look like they probably should be in a different package.

These probably belong in libc6 which appears to be the provider of ld-linux.so

This should be deleted. Coreutils (the provider of the sync utility) provides sync(1) for that utility.

This should be removed. it duplicates tzslect(1) (which i presume is provided by the package providing tzselect)

 I'm pretty sure this does not belong in the manpage package.

As for manpages-dev, it would seem more logical for the linux syscall manpages to be part of linux, and the library documentation to be a part of the libraries that provide the documented functions.


If somebody with more time can check on these and, if they are valid, file bugs, I would appreciate it, as I do not have the time right now.

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