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Re: Bug#352535: ITP: gitmail -- Very simple graphical mail user agent for sending mail (GTK)

On Wed, 15 Feb 2006, Jari Aalto wrote:
> Not so fast. If the light weight system is to be kept as small as
> possible, the additional tcl/Tk libraries would not be welcomed.

You won't be able to stay away from tcl/tk for too long if you want GUIs,
but I see your point.

> GTK at least is common to most of the C programs that do not bring
> along other libraries.

No. It is common to a lot of *GUI* C programs nowadays.

> The programs talks directly to SMTP, so there is no need to require
> a MTA in the system.

There are MTAs that do little else than that, but they do it properly. And a
proper unix system needs a working /sbin/sendmail that sends mail.  A system
without a /sbin/sendmail is quite broken, a lot of stuff won't be able to
send mail notifications, etc.

So I don't buy this argument.  Reimplementing the wheel and doing it badly
is not good form, and it is an anti-unix way of life :-)

The goal (a GUI that lets the user send email) can be equally met (using GTK
even) by running sendmail to do the mail sending.

> Upstream is interested in getting the program in better shape based on
> the malloc-discussion here.

I'd *highly* suggest that he read fully all SMTP and ESMTP-related RFCs, and
make sure he understands the BNF grammar completely, and that he correctly
implements all MUST requirements.

But really, if I were writing this, I'd just write the x-based form (using
whatever toolkit I deemed best), and call /sbin/sendmail to do the ESMTP

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