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Bug#352912: general: Reduce network load using zip packaging and VFS

ke, 2006-02-15 kello 04:00 +0500, Victor Porton kirjoitti:
> Here is my plan how to reduce Debian servers load and users Debian packages
> download bandwidth:
> 1. Package in .zip (or a similar format) instead of .tar.{gz,bz2}

Picking a random package:

-rw-rw-r--   1 liw liw 18113820 Mar 18  2005 emacs21_21.4a.orig.tar.gz
-rw-rw-r--   1 liw liw 19544036 Feb 15 10:26 emacs21_21.4a.orig.zip

The .zip is almost 8% larger than the .tar.gz. This is, in fact, pretty
typical, because a .zip compresses each file separately and a .tar.gz
compresses all the files as one, so that similarities between files
reduce the total size.

(Once we use .tar.bz2, the sizes will be even smaller.)

> 2. Implement ZIP filesystem as Linux kernel module.

There is no need to do that in the kernel, of course.

> 3. Users could be then able to mount a .zip file from the Debian FTP server
> and compile a package directly from the server. This would reduce download
> I deem some about 50% compared with current downloading a source package
> for compilation, because in this scheme only used files from the source
> would be download (no downloading of documentation which is not needed for
> compilation of a package, etc.)

The documentation files are needed to build the .deb package, so it is
no good to not download them.

If there is a particular reason you have for wanting to build only
partial packages, or in fact to build them at all unless you're a
developer, please explain it. Since I can't think of any such reason
myself, I'm closing the bug, but that does not mean it can't be reopened
if you have a good reason.

You need fewer comments, if you choose your names carefully.

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