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copyright law vs. license text (Was: Honesty in Debian)

Em Sáb, 2006-02-11 às 13:46 -0500, Nathanael Nerode escreveu:
> The problem is quite specifically that we have unmodifiable license
> texts, not unmodifiable license terms. These texts are in Debian,
> making it technically untrue that "Debian will remain 100% free."

I have one single question... Does copyright law even applies to legal
agreements and license terms? I'm pretty sure noone can be sued for
using the terms someone used earlier, or even a modified version (as
long as one doesn't pretend the modified version is the original), or
even distributing it with some product...


P.S.: removed -project (everybody is replying to -devel) and added
-legal (they have a better background to answer that)..
P.S.2: I'm not on -legal, can you CC me on posts there?

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