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Re: Tcl in Debian - volunteers needed

Ian Jackson wrote:
> David N. Welton writes ("Tcl in Debian - volunteers needed"):
>>Apparently some of the packages I maintain were removed from Debian's
>>testing distribution this evening: rivet, tcldom, tclxml and tclsoap,
>>because of open bugs against them that I haven't found the time to
>>close.  "My bad", as they say.
> I would like to volunteer to take:
>   tclparser, tclvfs, libtk-img

Cool, have at it - thanks!

> If you can't find anyone else then I could also take:
>   gdtclft, tclthread

Looks like these are yours too.  gdtclft is pretty inactive, tclthread
does need an eye kept on it, though.

David N. Welton
- http://www.dedasys.com/davidw/

Linux, Open Source Consulting
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