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Re: Change in Katie's messages

On Thu, 09 Feb 2006, Loïc Minier wrote:
> It seems the headers Katie included when closing bugs of an uploaded
> .changes file have been removed, they used to be:
>    X-Debian-PR-Message: they-closed 348721
>    X-Debian-PR-Package: xen-tools
>    X-Debian-PR-Keywords: 
> These messages included a copy of the original report verbatim in the
> body, now the original report is attached as message/rfc822.
> Did I miss the announce?  If not, could some Katie-Message-Type header
> be added?

There was a typo[1] in the X-Debian-PR-Package field for the done ack.
I've gone ahead and fixed this, and it shouldn't pose any further

If anyone else has issues with the BTS, please file bugs against the
bugs.debian.org pseudopackage (or the debbugs package) as appropriate.

Don Armstrong

1: It said X-Debian-PR-Packag instead. Since it seems popular to blame
our secretary for everything, I'll blame him for transmitting his
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