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Re: Change in Katie's messages

* Loïc Minier [Thu, 09 Feb 2006 21:02:35 +0100]:

>         Hi,


>  It seems the headers Katie included when closing bugs of an uploaded
>  .changes file have been removed, they used to be:
>     X-Debian-PR-Message: they-closed 348721
>     X-Debian-PR-Package: xen-tools
>     X-Debian-PR-Keywords: 

>  These messages included a copy of the original report verbatim in the
>  body, now the original report is attached as message/rfc822.

  Nothing in katie/dak was changed with respect to this, afaik. Don
  Armstrong uptated debbugs in bugs.d.o to send properly MIME-encapsulated
  -done messages (which was a longtime wish of some of us; kudos to him).

>  Did I miss the announce?  If not, could some Katie-Message-Type header
>  be added?

  I still see in the -done reply the headers that you mention (that,
  again, debbugs adds, not katie :). For instance, closure of #352047 [1]

    X-Debian-PR-Message: closed 352047
    X-Debian-PR-Packag: libssl0.9.8

  Oh, oops. Seems like s/Packag/Package/ is needed there; CC'ing owner@ for

    [1] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=352047;msg=24;mbox=yes


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