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Re: Amendment to GR on GFDL, and the changes to the Social Contract


Xavier Roche wrote:

I fully agree. The "Holier than Stallman" stuff is really getting
ridiculous. After the firmware madeness, now the documentation madeness.
And after that, the font madeness maybe ? (after all, fonts ARE also
software, and they shall be distributed with their original sources)

It's not about us being holier than Stallman. It's about Stallman not caring that his new license is creating real world problems for everyone but the FSF because only the FSF has permission to relicense their stuff.

The binutils package generates part of its documentation from header files in order to get the structures and constants right. The headers are GPLed, the compiled documentation is under the GFDL. For this relicensing to happen, one must be the copyright holder, or have an appropriate license, which after a quick glance does not seem to be there. Thus, only the FSF may build the binutils package. I'd be very surprised if that were to meet your definition of free software.


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