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Help with installing sgml/xml catalogue stuff

On Feb  6, Norbert Preining (preining@logic.at) wrote:
 > Hi all!
 > I am asking here since the debian-sgml list only contains spam in the
 > last few months.
 > I want to install the following three files
 > 	texinfo.dtd
 > 	texinfo.xsl
 > 	texinfo.cat
 > in a debian conform way. There is a bug 204117 which suggests that I
 > install the dtd under /usr/share/sgml.
 > How is the default way to do this, and where should the files actually
 > go /usr/share/sgml/dtd/ I assume for the dtd, but the rest?
 > Should this be done via dh_installcatalogs? Or dh_installxmlcatalogs?
 > Thanks a lot for any comments and all the best
 > Norbert

This web page: http://debian-xml-sgml.alioth.debian.org/ has a link to the
"Latest XML Policy Draft" which has info on where files should go.  Have you
seen that?

Neil Roeth

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