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Re: PHP License for PHP Group packages

On Feb 03, Glenn Maynard <glenn@zewt.org> wrote:

> This clause has been examined carefully in the past and deemed ugly
> but not non-free (at least, with no serious objections)--at least in
> the "Apache", etc. cases.  However, I don't think that should be extended
> to the general case; "nor may 'net' appear in their name" is obviously
> not free.
It's obviously not so obvious.

>  It's an impossible line to draw, between "PHP" and "Apache"
> being annoying and "net" being completely unreasonable, which suggests
> that it really shouldn't be considered free.
No, it's quite easy: "net" is a common name, "PHP" and "Apache" are not
(and are even the names of the software being licensed).


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