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Proposal: move /etc/{protocol,services,rpc} to base-files

Currently there are several packages which Build-Depend on netbase just to 
have /etc/protocol and /etc/services available to run tests.  Unfortunately, 
this means that all of netbase's dependencies also need to be installed -- 
and because of bug #162581, pbuilder can't even block inetd from starting in 
its chroot, resulting in orphan inetd processes after the build is over.

So I'd like to propose moving those data files from netbase to base-files.  If 
it's decided that these files are inappropriate content for an essential 
package, I'd at least like to see something like netbase-data which could be 
installed without all the heavy dependencies of netbase.  I'd especially like 
to hear the opinions of the netbase and base-files packages' maintainers on 
Daniel Schepler

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