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Re: Automatic testing of .deb's

Ian Jackson <iwj@ubuntu.com> writes:

> Should I file the mawk patch, attached, as a wishlist bug against
> mawk[3] ?  It would be nice to be able to integrate the tests for each
> package as far upstream as possible; at the moment, that probably
> means putting it in the Debian packages.

If you patched any of my packages, please, provide the patch to me to
apply it. I would love to have it integrated in my packages also in
Debian in general.

> I would like to have some idea what people think I should do with the
> tests that we're hopefully going to have, eventually for lots of
> packages.  Would Debian like those tests as patches in wishlist bug
> reports, in general ?  That would seem to be best to me but before I
> go down this route I'd like to be clear that that's what Debian
> developers want.

As I said above, I think it's a really good effort for Debian, Ubuntu
and any other derivative to have integrated since  it'll help to us to
don't have broken packages in archive. Maybe it could be later
included in DAK for acceptance  checking avoiding problematic packages
to hit the enduser as possible.

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