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Re: Bug#349419: I packaged mod_dnssd, and sent the result to the main developper

[CC'ed since it isn't clear whether Sebastien reads d-d]

Sebastien ESTIENNE wrote:

> Package: wnpp
> Followup-For: Bug #349419
> Owner: "SÃbastien ESTIENNE" <sebastien.estienne@gmail.com>
> The debianization has been sent upstream

If by "debianization" you mean the debian directory, and not just
helpful non-Debian-specific patches, it is generally discouraged for
upstream to ship a debian directory in their tar.gz.  See for instance
this thread on debian-mentors for reasons why:


I guess since mod_dnssd is not currently in Debian, it doesn't do any
harm right now.  However, it would be better for you to find a sponsor
on the debian-mentors list so the Debianized package can be uploaded
into Debian proper.


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