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Re: NEWS.Debian abuse

Scripsit Kenneth Pronovici <pronovic@debian.org>

> Ok, after a quick look through the existing NEWS.Debian files on my box,
> I concede that this is the way most developers use the file.

It's not a question of "the way most developers use the file". It's a
question of what the file is _for_. NEWS.Debian is for information
that should be shown to the administrator at upgrade file, because he
needs to consider it and perhaps act on it to keep his system

Maintainer changes are simply not in that category. And the two notes
in question should be retroactively removed from the NEWS file, such
that users upgrading from sarge to etch won't be needlessly bothered.

> I still maintain that the information provided was useful,

Whether it is useful is the wrong question. Lots of things are
"useful" but still not relevant to spam the sysadmin with during

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