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Re: Bug#349424: ITP: xcftools -- command-line tools for extracting data for XCF files

Scripsit Daniel Kobras <kobras@debian.org>

> Imagemagick in general can handle multi-layered images just fine. I'm
> not sure whether this is true for its xcf module already, but the
> necessary framework is certainly there. So if you don't want to keep
> maintaining a separate utility, merging it with the code in imagemagick
> might be an option for you.

At the moment I think it is easier for me to maintain a separate
utility that does one thing but does it well, than to integrate the
functionality I need into imagemagick sufficiently seamlessly to
satisfy my technical pride.

But thaks for pointing out that imagemagick does have some support for
layers. This wasn't apparent to me the first 20 times I read the
manpage :-)

(In related news, an xcftools package is now in the NEW queue).

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