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Re: Reset of limits with su / new session


On Tue, Jan 17, 2006, Reuti wrote:
> while wondering about missing ulimits for an interactive session  
> scheduled by SGE (SUN GridEngine) to a node in a cluster running on  
> Debian (which is working fine with other Linux distributions), I also  
> found, that each user can increase his limits again by a simple su to  
> his own account:

 Please file a bug against the relevant package and open a discussion
 with the maintainer.  If this causes problem in a mixed Linux
 environment, it's worth reporting it.  Beside, I couldn't find any
 documentation of the reason for that patch being only in Debian nor why
 it was included in the first place (I checked the Debian changelog, and
 the package itself, all I saw was "Allow explicit limits for root.
 Also, remove limits on su.").


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