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Re: what is the current status of kat in debian?

kamaraju kusumanchi a écrit :
Can someone tell me about the current status of kat in Debian? There were multiple ITPs filed at some point of time




Which tells that people are obviously interested in getting it into Debian. From 309068's bug log, Issac Clerencia was willing to sponsor its uploads. But then there was no response from the original bug reporter Jean-Remy Falleri. The link to the uploaded debian packages http://jr.falleri.free.fr/fichiers/debian/kat is also not working.

Can someone look into this and take appropriate action?


i co-maintain the package with jonas gennant and isaac is our sponsor.
the current release 0.6.4 is ready and wait in debian subversion repository (pkg-kde/kde-extras).

Roberto carpuccio, upstream author, will soon release 0.7.0, a complete re-write of kat.
we are waiting for this release to upload.



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