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Jobs in Debian Linux

Hey fellow Debian users,
   Do you know if there are any companies in the US that are looking to hire Debian Technicians?  I've been out of work for several months now, unemployment has run out and the landlord is threatening eviction. 
HELP NEEDED.  I should say right away too that if I saw a letter like this myself, my first thought would be a possible scam.  Not at all, I am NOT looking for 'fast money'...just a job, honestly.

Microsoft had a layoff back in April 2005 after taking over Groove Networks. I had been with Groove for about 5 years, and even though there was really no reason to let people go (it's not like the company was low on money),  I was still released!!  After being released, I changed my home network/LAN completely over to Linux.  I tried out several different versions of Linux but finally settled on Debian, which, in my opinion, turned out to be the best.  There is NOTHING I would like more now than to work solely with Debian Linux for employment. I know a lot of us are just volunteers but I figured while job searching, why not check with you guys to see if this may be an option for me.  I'll tell you this, I surely have the proper motivation to help in having Linux take business away from Microsoft!

So bottom line, my question is...  Are there any companies out there in the United States that are using Debian Linux where I could possibly gain employment?
   Thanks for any help you might be able to give me,
     Johnny Boudreau
     Peabody, Massachusetts (about 12 miles North of Boston)

P.S. Here is a link to my resume.  It is on my website here ---> http://johnny.boudreau.com/resume.htm
Please feel free to pass it on to job recruiters or any other company that could help. Thanks again.

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