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sarge, unstable, lvm2 and kernels


At the moment, there is no way to upgrade from sarge to unstable if you
happen to have / on LVM2. Suppose I have installed "kernel-image-2.6-686"
as my kernel; the 2.4 kernel behaves similarly. This is what happens:

1a) dist-upgrade all packages
2a) lvm2 will complain that it cannot be installed with kernels < 2.6.12
3a) system works


1b) dist-upgrade all packages
2b) lvm2 complains as above
3b) try to install newest unstable kernel, 2.6.15
4b) 2.6.15 installs fine
5b) system will not boot (it dies mounting /sys, so I assume it's on initrd)


1c) dist-upgrade to *testing*
2c) lvm installs fine
3c) install testing's kernel (currently 2.6.12)
4c) reboot
5c) dist-upgrade to unstable
6c) all is fine, except the system STILL won't boot.

Which package is broken, lvm2 or the kernel? I would guess the kernel
since the same version of lvm works fine with 2.6.12.


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