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Re: Bug#349693: ITP: gst-fluendo-mp3 -- MP3 decoder plugin for GStreamer

On Wed, 2006-01-25 at 08:25 +0100, Daniel Baumann wrote:
> Joe Wreschnig wrote:
> > Are you going to sign the contract? I'm sure not putting my signature on
> > anything about MP3s.
> I'm afraid I can't as a poor little NM :)

From the Book of Policy (v3.6.2.2), Section 2.3:

  We reserve the right to restrict files from being included anywhere in
  our archives if
     * their use or distribution would break a law,
     * there is an ethical conflict in their distribution or use,
     * we would have to sign a license for them, or
     * their distribution would conflict with other project policies.

Note that third point.  This also prevents shipping Sun/Blackdown Java
even in non-free because of the fourth point:  the license of Java
prohibits us from shipping competing implementations.

> > How does Debian sign a contract anyway?
> I was in a simliar situation with Real, where they wanted to have signed
> a contract by a DD. This very DD is then responsible (legally) for
> compliance with the contract.

I would like to point out that if SPI (Debian's parent) doesn't have
rights to distribute (not just the individual DD), then this cannot
possibly be legally distributed by Debian.

Anyway, if that software is indeed in the archive, then it is in
violation of Policy 2.3, and should have a serious bug filed on it.

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