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Re: Bug#345091: ITP: checkgmail -- Alternative Gmail Notifier for Linux via Atom feeds

Sandro Tosi wrote:
> > I looked at the homepage, and while this does appear useful, is it really
> > nescessary to be packaged all by itself?
> >
> > Think about a collection package; I don't think debian should be overloaded
> > with tons of single-program packages.
> I'm getting used to package software for debian, and this seems an
> easy one, so I'd like to package it anyway (at least will be in my
> repository and not in debian ones).
> But, what are collection package? how could I create one? (just curious).

I assume that doogie is referring to a source package that comprises
several different single file programs.  This would reduce the number
of small packages and may as a bonus contain more useful programs for
the user.  In this case several GMail oriented utilities could be
packaged as gmail-utils or something similar.



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