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Re: Bug#349534: ITP: pyntor -- flexible and componized presentation program

On Mon, 23 Jan 2006, Florian Ragwitz wrote:

 Due to the minimal size and maximum configurability, Pyntor is a nice
 alternative to conventional presentation programs.

What do you mean by "conventional" presentation programs. IMHO we
could differentiate into three groups of presentation programs:

 1. Text based with on syntax and own viewer
    - MagicPoint
    - probably others
 2. LaTeX based (mostly using PDF export or special DVI viewers)
    - LaTeX - PDF
      - latex-beamer
      - prosper
      - many more
    - LaTeX - DVI
      - advi
    - Perhaps also pspresent falls into this large group
 3. GUI-based
    - ooimpress
    - kpresenter
    - (what was the name of the thingy many people call a standard? ;-) )

I guess pyntor falls in group 1 and a comparison with members of this
group might be nice.

Kind regards



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