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Re: A great weekend for Debian

On Sun, Jan 22, 2006 at 05:33:42PM -0700, Joseph Smidt wrote:
> On Friday morning I looked at the RC report and there was about 1300 bugs
> total with 550 that will affect the next release.  Now there is 1090 total
> and falling, possibly will go down to about 1000 as the weekend finally
> ends.  Similarly there is currently 387 that will affect the next release
> with the possibility of going down to 350 by the end o the weekend.  That
> would be as many as 300 bugs fixed in one weekend with 200 concerning the
> next release.  I say what a great weekend! :)

I think you're overly optimistic :-) Most of the simple RC bugs (related to
the xlibs-dev transition) have been fixed; there aren't 90 more like those.
Those left are:


I guess there will soon be less than 50 left (some uploads haven't gone
through yet); ten of those are tagged pending (I won't NMU them under the
nose of an active maintainer, and I doubt many others will). The remaining
ones are either blocked by other packages, depend on other FTBFS bugs, on
removed packages or otherwise not possible to upload in five minutes like the
others were.

OTOH, the upload rate has really been impressive at times -- I guess the poor
buildds will have enough to do for a little while. :-)

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