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ITP vexim

Hi there,

as i use this piece of software already on my own host, i would like to
provide it to any other users.

for the first steps i have created a directory "vexim-2.2.rc1". it
includes all of the used files (most are *.php files). next i did
"dh_make" on it.
as i think it is a single binary i have coosen this.

if there is anyone willing and/or able to help me with the next steps i
would be very happy. right now i have some questions on how to get
debconf and templates working, so that the user can interact whilest
installing. this would be very important - however i do not really know,
how to get the user's input and how to process it further. i think
about cryptic postinst script using many lines containing sed
s/@bla@/$user_in/ > $tempfile ...

but first of all i would need some help on the control-file, the
rules-file and on "how to resolve dependencies" of my package.

anyone willing to help: have a look at http://knabl.com/~daniel/vexim
there you will find my (at least daily) changed files, and every change
that seems to work or needs to be fixed will also be there.

sorry, but i can not install cvs or svn repository there, it is just my
user-account ;-)

thanks in advance

Daniel Knabl              http://www.tirolinux.net
PGP Fingerprint                   daniel@aio4u.com
A069 671B 39F2 E9B9 FB34  68BB 4BEC 1344 C8A4 3F0B

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