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Work-needing packages report for Jan 20, 2006

The following is a listing of packages for which help has been requested
through the WNPP (Work-Needing and Prospective Packages) system in the
last week.

Total number of orphaned packages: 187 (new: 20)
Total number of packages offered up for adoption: 99 (new: 6)
Total number of packages requested help for: 20 (new: 0)

Please refer to http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/ for more information.


The following packages have been orphaned:

   boson-base (#348062), orphaned 5 days ago
     Description: Core package for Boson
     Reverse Depends: boson-music boson-data boson
     Installations reported by Popcon: 24

   boson-data (#348589), orphaned 2 days ago
     Description: Data files for Boson
     Reverse Depends: boson boson-base
     Installations reported by Popcon: 24

   boson-music (#348588), orphaned 2 days ago
     Description: Music Pack for Boson
     Reverse Depends: boson
     Installations reported by Popcon: 23

   dancer-ircd (#348746), orphaned yesterday
     Installations reported by Popcon: 41

   dancer-services (#348748), orphaned yesterday
     Installations reported by Popcon: 21

   dbacl (#348949), orphaned today
     Description: A digramic Bayesian text classifier
     Installations reported by Popcon: 31

   kexi (#348832), orphaned today
     Description: tool for manipulating database objects in KDE3
     Reverse Depends: kexi-mysql-driver libkexi-dev
     Installations reported by Popcon: 118

   libcache-mmap-perl (#348951), orphaned today
     Reverse Depends: libbric-perl
     Installations reported by Popcon: 8

   libmasonx-interp-withcallbacks-perl (#348952), orphaned today
     Reverse Depends: libbric-perl
     Installations reported by Popcon: 6

   libparams-callbackrequest-perl (#348953), orphaned today
     Reverse Depends: libbric-perl
     Installations reported by Popcon: 7

   libstring-crc32-perl (#348954), orphaned today
     Reverse Depends: ubh libcache-memcached-perl
     Installations reported by Popcon: 180

   manpages-fi (#348790), orphaned yesterday
     Installations reported by Popcon: 12

   oneko (#348199), orphaned 4 days ago
     Description: a cat chases the cursor (now a mouse) around the screen
     Reverse Depends: junior-toys
     Installations reported by Popcon: 278

   qglviewer (#348793), orphaned yesterday
     Reverse Depends: libqglviewer-dev
     Installations reported by Popcon: 1

   rep-xmms (#348786), orphaned yesterday
     Reverse Depends: sawfish-xmms
     Installations reported by Popcon: 195

   rxvt-unicode (#348719), orphaned yesterday
     Description: RXVT-like terminal emulator with Unicode support
     Installations reported by Popcon: 221

   sawfish-xmms (#348789), orphaned yesterday

   scottfree (#348950), orphaned today
     Installations reported by Popcon: 40

   x-symbol (#348060), orphaned 5 days ago
     Description: WYSIWYG TeX mode for XEmacs
     Installations reported by Popcon: 93

   xmailbox (#348656), orphaned yesterday
     Description: mail notifier with animation and sound effects
     Installations reported by Popcon: 28

167 older packages have been omitted from this listing, see
http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/orphaned for a complete list.


The following packages have been given up for adoption:

   apmd (#348468), offered 3 days ago
     Description: utilities for advanced power management
     Reverse Depends: battery-stats apmd osdsh sleepd libapm-dev xapm
       wmbattery gnome-applets
     Installations reported by Popcon: 4674

   ircii-pana (#348456), offered 3 days ago
     Description: Advanced Internet Relay Chat client
     Reverse Depends: bitchx-gtk bitchx-ssl
     Installations reported by Popcon: 1063

   laptop-net (#348471), offered 3 days ago
     Description: automatically adapt laptop ethernet
     Installations reported by Popcon: 71

   mozilla-firefox-locale-all (#348217), offered 4 days ago
     Reverse Depends: mozilla-firefox-locale-he-il
     Installations reported by Popcon: 365

   oss-preserve (#348469), offered 3 days ago
     Description: save/restore OSS mixer settings
     Installations reported by Popcon: 33

   tra (#348473), offered 3 days ago
     Description: a file-system synchronizer
     Installations reported by Popcon: 28

93 older packages have been omitted from this listing, see
http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/rfa_bypackage for a complete list.


For the following packages help is requested:

   aboot (#315592), requested 210 days ago
     Description: Alpha bootloader: Looking for co-maintainers
     Reverse Depends: aboot-cross ltsp-server dfsbuild aboot
     Installations reported by Popcon: 55

   athcool (#278442), requested 450 days ago
     Description: Enable powersaving mode for Athlon/Duron processors
     Installations reported by Popcon: 205

   debtags (#321654), requested 166 days ago
     Description: Enables support for package tags
     Reverse Depends: debtags-edit
     Installations reported by Popcon: 471

   dselect (#282283), requested 425 days ago
     Description: a user tool to manage Debian packages

   grub (#248397), requested 619 days ago
     Description: GRand Unified Bootloader
     Reverse Depends: grubconf replicator dfsbuild grub-splashimages
     Installations reported by Popcon: 6780

   gtkpod (#319711), requested 179 days ago
     Description: manage songs and playlists on an Apple iPod
     Installations reported by Popcon: 242

   lib (#329966), requested 117 days ago
     Description: Perl interfaces to the Gtk and Gnome libraries

   lsdvd (#316922), requested 199 days ago
     Description: read the contents of a DVD
     Installations reported by Popcon: 717

   mwavem (#313369), requested 220 days ago (non-free)
     Description: Mwave/ACP modem support software
     Installations reported by Popcon: 2

   openssl (#332498), requested 105 days ago
     Description: Secure Socket Layer (SSL) binary and related
       cryptographic tools
     Reverse Depends: openssh-server-udeb libaqbanking0c2a
       libecpg-compat2 nsd heimdal-kdc apache-ssl pound aqbanking-tool
       avscan nessus libpam-ssh bzflag-server wpasupplicant dsniff
       linuxtrade libneon24 fetchmail slapd libnet-ssleay-perl
       python2.4-pyopenssl liblasso3 ultrapossum-tls ssmtp clamav-freshclam
       sqlrelay-sqlite cacti-cactid d4x perdition-mysql sylpheed hplip
       sylpheed-claws-gtk2 sylpheed-gtk1 libapache-mod-php4 php4-cgi
       postgresql-contrib-8.1 libpq3 libaqbanking-ofx0 python2.2-pyopenssl
       libopensc2 sylpheed-claws-gtk2-clamav libldap-2.2-7 lwresd
       newpki-server hula ardour-gtk-altivec davfs2 xine-ui heartbeat-2
       libaqgeldkarte0 php5-cli ohphone-basic libecpg-dev racoon irssi
       postfix cyrus21-common t38modem pyca ftpd-ssl fireflier-server siege
       perdition-ldap nagios-plugins-basic libpq4 libyaz
       sylpheed-claws-spamassassin pantomime-dev libzorpll-dev grip libaws2
       libpam-mount python2.3-sqlrelay apache2-mpm-prefork mozilla-opensc
       kannel-extras aria libkeynote0 sslwrap simph323 clamav-milter
       libsope-ldap4.4 postgresql-7.4 conserver-client xsupplicant
       xmms-scrobbler libwvstreams4.2-extras proftpd newpki-client tellico
       ipppd webauth-utils ca-certificates italc-client qca-tls
       dovecot-pop3d libsnmp9-dev isync nmap dovecot-imapd
       libpam-musclecard proftpd-mysql postgresql-client-8.1
       libc-client-dev libaws-dev ipopd libraptor1 gambas-gb-net-curl
       telnet-ssl libwww-curl-perl eidviewer apache2-prefork-dev php4-lasso
       sylpheed-claws-gtk2-spamassassin asterisk libfwbuilder6c2a php4-curl
       lprng ftp-ssl xchat php5-imap libclamav1 php4-sqlrelay
       libapache-mod-php5 curl dnsutils libssl-ocaml libpt-1.8.7
       libopenssl-ruby1.8 python2.3 balsa python2.4-dbg cyrus21-imapd
       fireflier-client-gtk libsqlrelay-ruby cl-tclink uw-imapd libsnmp9
       openswan apache2-common libcurl3 pdns-backend-pgsql
       libkrb5-17-heimdal libapache-mod-ssl libace5.4.7c2a libtorrent6
       schooltool rdesktop python2.3-librdf jpilot-plugins ntp
       libgwenhywfar17c2 libsqlrelay-tcl pure-ftpd-postgresql bitchx-ssl
       postgresql-contrib-8.0 hammerhead hostapd openam yaz sim python2.2
       postgresql-client-8.0 apache2-utils dillo pennmush
       libapache2-webauth socat libcurl3-openssl-dev libace-dev gabber
       libhula0 python2.3-lasso php5-cgi rapidsvn osiris libnewpki2
       python2.3-pyopenssl pure-ftpd-mysql php5-dev gnugk pstngw bincimap
       tinc php4-imap httperf tinyca mit-scheme proftpd-ldap postgresql-8.0
       kmymoney2 php4-cli openssh-client perdition-postgresql netmrg
       telnetd-ssl skyutils-dev sendmail-bin bazaar libclamav-dev
       heimdal-clients ardour-gtk nessus-plugins apcupsd apcupsd-cgi
       dovecot-common stone spamc rpm beep-media-player-scrobbler msmtp
       pwsafe librdf-ruby tn5250 qterm perdition-odbc courier-ssl
       fireflier-client-kde fwbuilder-bsd fwbuilder-linux tcpdump licq
       libcrypt-ssleay-perl sylpheed-claws sqlrelay-postgresql rsyncrypto
       clamav-daemon libgadu3 libwebauth-perl sqlrelay-freetds php4-dev
       apache2-mpm-perchild libmusclepkcs11 libapache2-mod-php5 libnasl2
       libsasl2-modules-gssapi-heimdal elmo libopensc2-dev apache-dbg
       libgwenhywfar17-dev mzscheme afbackup fireflier-client-qt
       italc-master python2.4-sqlrelay tor sip-tester drivel amap cpqarrayd
       qpopper-drac libsasl2-modules openssh-client-udeb
       postgresql-contrib-7.4 nessusd heartbeat libdns21
       libgnustep-base1.11-dev cyrus21-clients librdf-perl pure-ftpd
       libzorpll3.0.6 nagios-nrpe-server centericq-fribidi asmail
       ntp-refclock uw-mailutils libomniorb4-dev libopenh323-dev
       heimdal-servers-x kannel proftpd-common postgresql-8.1 libpt-dev
       monit valknut libapache2-webkdc libneon24-dev ardour-gtk-i686
       openvpn stunnel4 afbackup-client openmcu libmultisync-plugin-syncml
       libopenh323-1.15.6 ejabberd heimdal-servers medussa kdelibs4-dev
       stunnel osirismd libwebauth1 python2.3-dbg sasl2-bin imapfilter
       elfsign ntp-simple diatheke libaqhbci8 libgadu-dev httping ntop
       libp11-dev libwww-ssl0 epic4 schoolbell apache2-threaded-dev
       libpam-p11 ohphone partimage-server rtorrent libxmlsec1-dev ssl-cert
       php5-curl apache2-mpm-worker ekg kphone qpopper darcs-server
       libotp0-heimdal libp11-0 mixmaster kcontrol ettercap-gtk openssl
       lighttpd opensc cheops-ng encfs sqlrelay-mdb tmsnc conserver-server
       libcyrus-imap-perl21 libsylpheed-claws-gtk2-dev
       libfirstworks-sqlr-perl ldap-utils libnessus-dev libwww-ssl-dev
       htmldoc libsylpheed-claws-dev openipmi cfengine2 libbelpic0
       perdition imapproxy bind9-host wget clamcour tqsllib1c2a
       libsqlrelay-0.36 jabber-dev heimdal-clients-x gnubiff belpic
       sqlrelay sqlrelay-odbc entity cyrus21-murder bip dcmtk
       libgssapi4-heimdal osirisd kdesdk-misc libaqdtaus0 ipsec-tools
       libssl-ocaml-dev ssh-krb5 pure-ftpd-ldap cl-ssl libssl-dev
       postgresql-client-7.4 pkcipe erlang-base xmms libesmtp5 cvsnt vsftpd
       raptor-utils bind9 cfengine clamav openssh-server nagios-nrpe-plugin
       rageircd kerberos4kth-dev asterisk-oh323 libpq-dev python2.4-librdf
       gbuffy cipe-source fwbuilder cyrus21-pop3d sqlrelay-mysql gkrellm
       courier-imap-ssl dar aolserver4-nsopenssl proftpd-pgsql xmms-dev
       libdar3c2a pavuk keynote ettercap libsope-core4.4 libyaz-dev
       sqlrelay-config-gtk gnustep-base-common centericq-utf8 python2.4
       kvirc anon-proxy licq-plugin-msn libapache2-mod-php4 hpijs darcs
       libengine-pkcs11-openssl libecpg5 libssl0.9.8-dbg
       libc-client2002edebian starttls centericq libtao-orbsvcs1.4.7c2a
       pennmush-mysql libstonith0 bzflag
     Installations reported by Popcon: 8701

   parted (#262885), requested 535 days ago
     Description: Searching co-maintainer for the parted package.
     Reverse Depends: libparted1.6-dbg libparted1.6-i18n prep-installer
       qtparted partitioner partconf parted parted-udeb elilo-installer
       gparted autopartkit partman-base partman-efi partconf-mkfstab
       libparted1.6-dev aboot-installer lvmcfg-utils mindi
     Installations reported by Popcon: 2204

   pbbuttonsd (#270558), requested 499 days ago
     Description: PBButtons daemon to handle special hotkeys of Apple
     Reverse Depends: pbbuttonsd-dev gtkpbbuttons gtkpbbuttons-gnome
     Installations reported by Popcon: 50

   php-pspell (#326173), requested 139 days ago
     Description: *spell extensions for PHP4/4

   phpgroupware (#339625), requested 63 days ago
     Description: web based groupware suite
     Reverse Depends: phpgroupware-registration phpgroupware-notes
       phpgroupware-ftp phpgroupware-felamimail phpgroupware-phpbrain
       phpgroupware-comic phpgroupware-phpsysinfo phpgroupware-soap
       phpgroupware-calendar phpgroupware-developer-tools phpgroupware-img
       phpgroupware-sitemgr phpgroupware-bookmarks phpgroupware-nntp
       phpgroupware-addressbook phpgroupware-tts phpgroupware-todo
       phpgroupware-messenger phpgroupware-hr phpgroupware-filemanager
       phpgroupware-admin phpgroupware-news-admin phpgroupware-folders
       phpgroupware-manual phpgroupware-email phpgroupware-polls
       phpgroupware-fudforum phpgroupware-headlines phpgroupware-skel
       phpgroupware-phpgwapi phpgroupware-preferences phpgroupware-stocks
       phpgroupware-setup phpgroupware-dj phpgroupware-phonelog
       phpgroupware-eldaptir phpgroupware phpgroupware-xmlrpc
       phpgroupware-etemplate phpgroupware-chat phpgroupware-infolog
       phpgroupware-wiki phpgroupware-qmailldap phpgroupware-projects
     Installations reported by Popcon: 75

   sourcenav (#263051), requested 535 days ago
     Description: Source code analysis, editor, browser and build tool:
       Looking for co-maintainer
     Installations reported by Popcon: 149

   sql-ledger (#320442), requested 174 days ago
     Description: A web based double-entry accounting program
     Installations reported by Popcon: 54

   stlport4.6 (#263052), requested 535 days ago
     Description: STLport C++ class library
     Reverse Depends: openoffice.org-kde openoffice.org-evolution
       python-uno openoffice.org-calc openoffice.org-hunspell
       libstlport4.6-dev openoffice.org-gnome mozilla-openoffice.org
       openoffice.org-writer openoffice.org-base openoffice.org-draw
       openoffice.org-dev openoffice.org-filter-so52 openoffice.org-core
       openoffice.org-math openoffice.org-impress
     Installations reported by Popcon: 2340

   thinkpad (#332648), requested 104 days ago
     Description: ThinkPad hardware configuration tools
     Reverse Depends: tpctl
     Installations reported by Popcon: 133

   tpctl (#332648), requested 104 days ago
     Description: ThinkPad hardware configuration tools
     Installations reported by Popcon: 107

   unicorn (#345547), requested 18 days ago (non-free)
     Description: comaintainer with x86 hardware searched.
     Installations reported by Popcon: 15

See http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/help_requested for more information.

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