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Re: making more packages binary NMU safe

Peter Samuelson wrote:
> [Ken Bloom]
>>     $substvar{'Source-Version'}= $fi{"L Version"};
>>+    #Indep-Version is for supporting binary NMUs when a strict
>>+    #version dependancy is required against an arch independant package
>>+    $substvar{'Indep-Version'}= $fi{"L Version"};
>>+    #strip out the +bN format binary NMU version suffix
>>+    $substvar{'Indep-Version'} =~ s/\+b[0-9]+$//;
> Uh, why does "Source-Version" not refer to, you know, the source
> version?
> I think you meant this the other way around - a new Binary-Version or
> Build-Version or something, to indicate the thing that Source-Version
> misleadingly means now.

Backward compatibility. According to
http://lists.debian.org/debian-dpkg/2005/11/msg00000.html, it's quite
common for -dev packages to use Source-Version to depend on their
libraries, so changing the behavior of Source-Version would require a
large transition.

Perhaps the variables Source-Version should be left unchanged (and
deprecated) but 2 variables ArchDep-Version and ArchIndep-Version should
be introduced.

--Ken Bloom

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