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pbuilder testsuite support (Re: Thoughts on Debian quality, including automated testing)


Sorry for the late response, but I was on VAC for a while and my
backlog is always long:

>     * Let's modify pbuilder to run test-build tests and (if
>       possible) also the generic tool and test-install tests. 
>       These belong, I think, better into pbuilder then piuparts, 
>       but it might be that piuparts should run them also.

pbuilder hook is available for those who want to test this framework.

$ mkdir ~/hook
$ cp /usr/share/doc/pbuilder/examples/B92test-pkg ~/hook

add HOOKDIR=/home/XXXX/hook/ to your configuration file

add debian/pbuilder-test/ directory to your source-code.  pbuilder
will use run-parts obtain a list and invoke the shell scripts.  Note
that the current version will refuse to run if debian/pbuilder-test
does not exist; just as a reminder for myself to add a testsuite.

The script is ran inside the chroot and ran as root.
It could be like the following (an example that tests a library package):


gcc /tmp/buildd/*/debian/pbuilder-test/002_sample.c -o /tmp/002_sample.out $(libecasoundc-config --libs --cflags

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