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Re: Getting rid of circular dependencies, stage 3

Henning Glawe wrote:
> To illustrate the scenario:
> - Package A depends on package B, which in turn depends on A
>   0) User calls 'apt-get install <long-list-of-packages1> A B
>      <long-list-of-packages2>':
>   1) apt splits the whole list into smaller parts after sorting by dependency
>      where, in case this bug occurs:
>        <part1>="<long-list-of-packages3> A"
>        <part2>="B <long-list-of-packages4>"
>   2) apt calls 'dpkg --unpack' for each element of <part1> and <part2>
>      == so far no problem ==
>   3) apt calls 'dpkg --configure <part1>' and 'dpkg --configure <part2>'
>      where the first step already fails, because B is not in
>      <part1>, but A depends on B
>      == complete failure, user has to recover manually: 

debconf will not break in this situation

(BTW, it's not formally essential, but it needs to have the same
qualities as essential packages, and does.)

see shy jo

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