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Any volunteers for ploticus in Debian?


Does anyone want to adopt/help with the ploticus packages in Debian?

The maintainer, James Penny, is more or less MIA in that he doesn't have
time for Debian work at the moment and hasn't for a while which you can see
from say the bugs page.

It seems sad that upstream have incorporated ideas from 
in February 2005 and then it didn't make sarge and hasn't seemingly been
touched since.

My only interest in it is that a user of a shell box I admin wanted it.

Having investigated upstream it looks like a neat piece of software so it
really does seem like a shame that noone would pick this up.

jpenny writes:
> I am, most ashamedly, MIA.  I will be trying to resolve this, but it looks
> like another month before I can consider becoming active again.  I am
> certainly willing to give ploticus up.  No one has volunteered.  So if you
> want it, or you can find a volunteer, please do so.

> Otherwise I will try to get current packaging out by Feb 28.

> Note:  the ploticus package itself is not very challenging.  However, the
> documentation is difficult to package.  In the past it has required tools
> not in debian to build, and it has tons of references to features that
> could not be put in the debian version -- either due to patent issues or
> depending on removed libraries.

Go on, you know you want to.


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