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Re: Fwd: Bug#344758: init.d script should create /var/run/dirmngr

[Steve Langasek]
> That's fine; I'm just saying that there's not much point in telling
> people to *not* ship /var/run (or subdirectories thereof) in their
> package.

Hmm, it should be noted that if you do remove /var/run/foo from your
package, you need to make sure the postrm deletes the directory in
'purge'.  (Though in the glorious future when /var/run can be
*completely* cleared at boot time, this won't be so important.)

Then again, I guess packages already have to make sure to delete stuff
inside /var/run/foo, on purge, lest dpkg declare itself unwilling to
remove the non-empty directory.

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