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Re: bits from the release team

On Wednesday 04 January 2006 00.43, Brian Nelson wrote:

> Why don't we use RHEL's kernel, or collaborate with them to maintain a
> stable kernel tree, or something?

The real nice thing would be a central mailing list where all kernel 
development were coordinated.  Perhaps some sort of industry-sponsored 
cooperation could be founded who could hire a few of the lead kernel 
developers, too.

Errm.  Sorry, couldn't resist.

But you're right, coordination could be closer - I think the new w.x.y.z 
stable upstream kernels are a good start in this direction.  I've no idea - 
how many of Debian's kernel people participate actively on lkml or some 
other non-distro-specific kernel development forum?  From afar (never 
looked at it closely), git should be able to help, too, by making it easier 
to move isolated patches between trees - some central index of proposed 
patches might be helpful, so that people wouldn't need to grep through -mm 
changelogs or similar (dunno, perhaps somebody's already written that.)

-- vbi

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